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Odds and Ends Cheesecake

I love cheesecake and the more toppings it contains the better. I had lots of sweet and chocolates left over from halloween. I always misjudge the amount of trick or treaters we are going to get! So I decided to put the left overs to good use.

I made the base with the remainder of my biscuit tin. I thought it was pointless going out to buy digestives when I had biscuits going stale in my tin! It worked really well and I actually prefer this base to a normal digestive one. It’s far more interesting to taste and it’s great when you get a chuck of chocolate chip!

I then simply added the cheesecake mixture (see video for recipe) and then went crazy with the chocolates! I didn’t hold back as you can see! To top it all off I drizzled some melted chocolate over the top. It was delicious and tasted better than expected. Give it a go!

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