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Two Years

I can’t quite believe I’ve just written that title. How is it two years already?!? It feels like yesterday that I was sat in the haematologist’s office, waiting for that dreaded diagnosis. I recently told my friend this story and she asked how I reacted when I got the results. I told her that I remember feeling a sense of relief and determination – I finally knew what it was and I had something to work with. It was the eleven days leading up to the diagnosis that were the hardest. The unknown, the fear, the anxiety, the sadness. I’ve never experienced such a dark time in my life and I pray I never will again.

So two years on from that diagnosis meeting, I ‘don’t look back in anger’ but I look back with pride. I am beyond proud of myself and my body and how far we have come. I believe in myself more than ever and understand how my mind and body works now. Two years ago I truly grew up and it’s made me who I am today.

Results wise – I’ve had a slight blip in the road on my last blood tests. My levels have gone from 0.002% to 0.02%. I’ve lost a zero and it initially brought back a rush of anxiety and fear. But it’s ok……….after processing the information and speaking to my loved ones, I’ve realised that this is just a small hurdle in my journey. My body has been fighting a lung infection and therefore my immune system has had a hit. My aim for the next three months is to rest, remain calm and stay healthy. All being well, I might earn that zero again! Good things come to those that wait right?!

Ending of a positive note, my countdown to baby number two hasn’t been affected this time – thank goodness. In one and a half years I will hopefully be able to temporarily come off the meds and work on extending our little family. Let’s see where life takes us shall we!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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