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One Year and Three Months

So……it appears that I never wrote an update for my most recent PCR results! I swore I had but with baby brain, mixed in with chemo brain, the likelihood is that I didn’t! Stupid brain fog!

Anyway, aside from kicking myself for not writing this sooner, I am feeling very pleased with my current statistics. On my one year check my results had plateaued , so I was relieved to hear that the cancer cells had reduced since then. My results have gone from 0.053% to 0.032% and I am absolutely thrilled. It’s not remission yet but I’m once again heading in the right direction. I just need to gain one more zero and then I will be shouting from the rooftops!

Apart from my results, nothing else has really changed. I still have fatigue and mild headaches but I have learnt how to manage it in my day to day life. I’m feeling so much more like myself and I’m excited about making plans for the future. First stop……Christmas!! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday xx

4 thoughts on “One Year and Three Months”

  1. Hi, I was diagnosed with CML last November. I’m very interested to read your story and find it very inspiring. It would be great to get in touch. I am a 49 mother of two.

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  2. Hi Sally, thank you so much for getting in contact. I’m sorry to hear you’ve joined the cancer crew but so glad you’ve reached out. It’s always great to connect with people going through a similar situation. Are you on Instagram? My account is called cake_away_cancer if you want to message via that?


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