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One Year Update

I can’t quite believe it has been just over a year since I was first diagnosed with CML. It just shows you how quickly time can fly. When I reflect on the past twelve months, I am proud of how I have spent my hours. I didn’t let the diagnosis hold me back for long and I quickly found ways to adjust to my ‘new normal’.

I think I can confidently and proudly say that I feel in control of my body once again. I understand how it ticks and when I need to let it rest. I’ve gained a clearer insight into how important my mind is and how vital it is to look after that too. I’ve always run on adrenaline and stress use to spur me on. Nowadays I’ve experienced how dangerous this can be for me, so I no longer let myself get to 100mph. A slower paced life has led to a stronger body, healthier mind and more time with the people I love. Because ultimately thats all I care about. No one knows how long they have on this planet but if we did, surely our last moments would be spent with our nearest and dearest. Why wait until its too late?

In terms of my one year results, I sadly didn’t have a decrease in my abnormal cells this time. They have plateaued at 0.053% which is the same as three months ago. My consultant has reassured me that this is fairly normal and was likely to happen at some point. I felt down about it initially but have let that go now. The good news is the tablets are still working. My body has obviously just needed a little breather along the way. We all need that sometimes don’t we? A little more resting for me over the next couple of months, to help give my immune system a break. Us chicks need to stick together!

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