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My Inner Calm

‘Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down.’ – Jigar Gor

Yoga is something that I have practised, on and off, for many years now. I took part in the sessions because I wanted to strengthen and tone my body. Although this is all well and good, I never really appreciated the true essence of the practise and what I could gain from it.

Over the past few months yoga has become a staple part of my weekly routine. When I was first diagnosed I was left feeling very weak, emotionally and physically. I started doing small yoga sessions in my living room, using clips off Youtube to guide me. These small workouts helped to regain my confidence in the exercise and persuaded me to start a real class.

Since then I have been taking regular sessions in town with a wonderful instructor. It is because of this lady that I am slowly but surely falling in love with yoga. Not just because it is helping me to regain strength and balance but because it is giving me a release from real life and time to focus on me. Life is so busy and I often forget to make time for myself. Yoga encourages me to listen to my body and mind and to embrace how they are feeling. A skill I am trying to master in my everyday life too.

My new years resolution was to try new things. Although I have done yoga before, I feel like I have learnt so many things through it. I want to continue learning through the practise and I’m hoping it will lead to other new opportunities in my life. By finding my inner calm and embracing it, I believe new doors will open for me. And when they do, my mind and body will be ready to skip through them.

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