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Malteser Muffins

My youngest sister is currently working her way through her mock A Levels. She has been working her butt off with revision and like so many other children her age, has been feeling very nervous and apprehensive about the exams.

When I took my exams I remember feeling a similar sense of worry, alongside a determination to prove myself. I use to find exams extremely difficult, no matter how hard I revised. I think my nerves got the better of me. Luckily back then course work was a large chunk of the A level and this always brought my final grade up. Sadly this isn’t the case anymore, which I think is very sad.

I’m a teacher myself and I understand that exams have a valid place in the educational system. That said, I believe different factors should be used to assess a child’s knowledge, understanding and skill in an area. We are all unique and learn in different ways. Some people find it extremely hard to recall their revision whilst sat behind a desk in complete silence. The echo of a school hall, the clicking of pens and the sound of passing footsteps is enough to put anyone off!

Image result for animal poster educational system

I wanted to make my sister a little pick me up during this hard time. I couldn’t do anything about the revision or exams but I could make her smile after a tough day. She loves chocolate (it runs in the family) so I used this as the basis of my invention! I made a basic chocolate muffin recipe which I found online and then added my own flare to it!

Check out the video for the recipe!


One thought on “Malteser Muffins”

  1. Your points about education are completely valid and made especially relevant with your cute cartoon. I’m sure your younger sister will feel extra supported by your thoughts….and your yummy muffins! 😃

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