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It Started with a Cupcake

You might be reading this thinking what a plonker…. this chick has just been told she has cancer and the first thing she wants to do is learn to bake! It may seem strange to many but baking is one of those achievements that I have always wanted to master at some point. 

For many years I’ve had this vision of being a mum that bakes cakes for the school fetes and for her children’s birthday parties. It was something I thought I would learn to do ‘in the future’ or when I had the time. Even writing this makes me laugh out loud. You see when you’re given life altering news, you realise that the future isn’t guaranteed or promised. Time is a gift and should be cherished and used wisely. 

I have no idea how my life will pan out but I sure as hell know one thing…I’m not going to waste another minute putting things aside for ‘when I have the time’. 

So here goes! First stop…..cupcakes! Wish me luck peeps!

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